4 Common Misconceptions

Isn’t a wine a niche category?
Sure, if you consider an $72 billion industry in the US alone, a “niche” category. 40% of Americans are wine-drinkers. 80% within the high end segment you work with. Besides the fridge and AC, Plum is the most popular used appliance by our customers, with an average use of 5.3 times a week.

You can buy a lot of wine for $2500.
That’s true, but a $4500 high-end coffee machine still needs the coffee. A $25,000 refrigerator stills needs to be stocked with food.

For me, there is no such thing as one glass of wine.
Look, we can all finish a bottle of wine at dinner. But with Plum it’s more about quality than quantity. On Monday, you can have a glass of red while your partner has a glass of white without worrying about waking up on Tuesday to two open bottles. (or with a headache)

Its more for collectors
In contrary (80% drink wine, while only 1% collect) and has more day to day utility than any other appliance.

Wine is one of the most emotional and personal grocery and the hero of this journey.

Plum helps to preserve what you love, extending the journey of the wine, so you can enjoy it at your own pace


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