Plum, the new Peloton of in-home Bars by Swati Goorha

Plum, the new Peloton of in-home Bars by Swati Goorha


The Technology Of wine.

As a designer, one of the perks of the job is to get firsthand access to the latest and the greatest technology and products in the world of Design. Recently I was asked to preview and learn about the newest appliance in the world of wine—the Plum wine unit. I am so impressed by this nifty appliance that I am already specifying this unit in two of my design projects.

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The need for in-home Bars in Post-Pandemic world.

We have been getting these top three-room design requests: Office design, Home Gym Design, and Bars. In this Post- Pandemic world, all things are not going back to the “way they were” any time soon. We have all been indoors this past year and have developed a certain amount of caution in interacting with people in public spaces. This change of habit has brought forth the need for entertainment spaces for intimate gatherings and replicating the shared public experience in the confines of one’s home.

Enter the new must-have room, the In-home bar. The in-home bar varies in scale from a small bar cabinet to an elaborate professional setup. The plum wine unit is perfect for the setup of any scale, given its size.


Why I love the Plum Wine Unit?

The plum wine unit packs a lot of punch for the price and scale. Here are some reasons why I love this unit.

Scale: Plum unit is small enough for a small home bar and sits on the countertop without taking up too much counter space, thus ideal for people with space constraints. There is also an integrated version for the larger wine cellars or barrooms.

Measured Drinking: Lately, we have heard from our clients that drinking is no longer restricted to just the weekends in this post-pandemic world. Weekday glass/bottle of wine has become a norm. Another reason why I love the Plum wine unit, you do not need to finish the entire bottle in one sitting. Plum preserves your bottle for 90 days. This means you can have that measured glass of wine without the need for overindulgence.

 He likes Red, and She likes White: As often the case, there are some days you are in the mood for red and somedays in the mood for white. Plum gives you two chambers where you can have his and her wines, so if you are not in the mood for the heavy red, pour yourself a glass of white chilled to the most optimum temperature. The plum wine unit allows for two different wines to be placed and maintained at different temperatures.

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Drinking with a Sommelier: We have all enjoyed those tasting sessions where a wine expert or a Sommelier walks you through the wine story and tells you the most optimum temperature to enjoy a bottle of wine. The Plum unit has an integrated camera with a touchscreen where you can scan your bottle, and the Plum will search the web for information on your bottle and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also displays the label, so you know what you are drinking.

 Aeration: If you, like me, are a connoisseur of red wine, you know the importance of letting your wine aerate and breathe, so the bouquet of flavors opens up. The Plum offers mild aeration for reds.

Plum the new Peloton of in-home Bars.

 In the post Pandemic world, In-home gym technology machines like Exercise bikes, mirrors, rowers have become essentials. Similarly, I foresee the Plum wine unit to become an essential appliance for all wine lovers.

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