Why You Should Purchase Plum

Why You Should Purchase Plum?


Plum is the first residential wine appliance to automatically serve, chill, and preserve wine. This revolutionary connected device has been awarded the prestigious Best of KBIS Awards 2020, rewarding the most innovative new kitchen and bath products. With plum, all you need to do is load the wine bottle in the machine, sit back and relax while it does all the heavy lifting for you, including opening the bottle. Indeed, the appliance relies on its built-in artificial intelligence technology to automatically assess the wine varietal, the vintage, the region, and the winery the bottle comes from. As a result, the machine can cool each of the two wine cooling units to the perfect serving temperature for the specific wine you want to drink. Appropriate individual serving temperature is paramount to enjoying wine at its best, making Plum a must-have for wine enthusiasts. Plum also features flow meters in order to customize the pour to your ideal size.


Key Benefits of Plum




PLUM uses a motorized needle to pierce through natural corks, engineered corks, artificial corks, or a metal screw caps to allow for wine to be poured into your glass. It, then, automatically preserves your wine with argon gas. Plum also features winery-grade materials such as stainless-steel tubing in order to best preserve the wine’s integrity.


Wine Recognition

Plum brings the tasting room experience right to your home, acting as a ‘’virtual sommelier’’ and providing detailed information about the grape varieties used to make the wine, the winery it was produced in, the region’s specificities, and much more. Indeed, a built-in HD camera automatically identifies the wine bottle prompting the device to display specific information pertaining to the wine on a seven-inch touchscreen.



The innovative automated wine appliance combined with a trim kit that has been designed to harmoniously integrate to your kitchen, giving your room a seamless look.



Plum’s timeless stainless-steel gorgeous aesthetic gives the revolutionary device a modern and sleek look. Note that Plum is now available with a trim kit in glossy black and stainless steel.


If you love wine and want to be able to enjoy it whenever you want to, get your own Plum here




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