How do I setup Plum?

Plum is easy to setup. Once you take it out of the box, just plug it in, and follow the guide on the touchscreen. You’ll be enjoying wine in minutes!

Can I remove a bottle before it’s fully consumed?

It is strongly recommended that you leave each bottle in your Plum until it is empty. This is because Plum uses a special needle that works with any type of closure and enables faster pouring of each glass. This needle will leave a small hole in the cork or screw cap, so if you remove a bottle […]

How long does it take to chill my bottle?

Chilling time depends on the temperature the bottle is starting at, and what temperature it needs to go to. Generally speaking, most bottles reach their ideal serving temperature within 90 minutes.

How long does the argon canister last?

Plum’s argon canister was designed to provide preservation for more than 150 bottles, so the average user only needs to replace the argon every 18 months. Argon replacements are available to order  on our website 

Can I use an alternative argon canister with Plum?

Plum uses a special argon canister so you don’t need to refill often, and we ship your Plum with a full canister. Each canister lasts for 150 bottles of wine and is fully recyclable. With Plum, you can focus on enjoying your collection, not swapping argon canisters.

How do I replace my argon?

You won’t need to refill the argon canister until you consume about 150 bottles through your Plum. Additional argon canisters are available to order online. Argon canisters are re-usable, and Plum makes it easy for you to swap your empty canisters. Empty argon canisters should be returned to Plum. Please email to receive shipping information.  […]

How do I clean Plum?

Plum has a built-in cleaning cycle. Your Plum knows when it needs cleaning, and will notify you to add the included cleaning bottle with the cleaning packet solution. It only takes a few minutes for your Plum to clean itself so it’s ready to enjoy.