It is strongly recommended that you leave each bottle in your Plum until it is empty. This is because Plum uses a special needle that works with any type of closure and enables faster pouring of each glass. This needle will leave a small hole in the cork or screw cap, so if you remove a bottle that still has wine you should consume it within 24 hours depending on the varietal.  Should you remove a bottle that still contains wine, it is possible that wine will leak upon removal as the contents are under pressure.

If you wish to remove a bottle that still has wine in it, touch the Settings button, then touch the GENERAL button, then touch the REMOVE BOTTLES button and select the wine you wish to remove. Please note that if the bottle is pressurized, a small amount of wine may escape during removal. Please wipe down the bottle tray after removal.

The system will automatically prompt you to replace an empty bottle.

Our goal was not to build a device for people that are taking a one ounce pour of an ’82 Mouton and trying to lay it back down. Our goal was to build a device you would use every day. Something beautiful enough to put on your kitchen counter or display in your living room, and be able to have the perfect glass: preserved and at the perfect temperature at a touch.