Do I need to connect Plum to the internet?

No, your Plum will preserve and chill without internet. Plum uses the internet to automatically identify your wine and provide rich content from the Cloud. We recommend connecting to the internet for the optimal Plum experience.

What if a needle breaks?

Plum’s needles are made to withstand every day use. Each needle will last for more than 300 bottles of wine, so average users should only need to change the needle every few years. Plum offers replacement needles that are easy for you to change and will be available at once we start shipping Plums

What is Plum’s power consumption?

Plum is a very power-efficient device. Plum only uses a 300 watt power supply, and the typical load is minimal. Plum’s motors only run when bottles are tapping and un-tapping. When both units are actively cooling to temperature, it’s approximately 120 watts. When Plum is not actively cooling, it only uses around 20 watts. The […]

Will Plum work with wax seals?

Wax seals or coatings have a high chance of clogging the needle, which will impact the ability to pour wine. Please remove the wax seal prior to placing the bottle in Plum to avoid clogging the needle.

How do I activate Plum?

Activating your Plum lets you see what wines are on tap from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You can also write reviews, and share your wines with others. To activate your Plum, touch the SETTINGS button on Plum’s touchscreen, then the GENERAL button, and finally the ACTIVATION button. An activation code should generate instantaneously. […]