Plum: Guest Satisfaction, One Glass at a Time.

Chain and independent hotels choose Plum to improve guest satisfaction scores while increasing F&B revenue per occupied room (RevPOR) and gross operating profit per available room (GOPPaR).

See how Plum can help you increase your F&B RevPOR.

Plum  is the ultimate wine by the glass innovation.

Plum automatically identifies any bottle of wine. And its two individual cooling chambers employ a needle and argon technology that can pierce any wine bottle closure, ensuring every glass of wine is served fresh and perfectly chilled.

Guests can engage Plum’s touch-screen to learn more about each wine.

“Plum is an innovative and dynamic wine by the glass program because it increases F&B revenue per occupied room and gross operating profit while elevating hospitality and cleanliness standards.”

Andreas Hansen, President of Plum

Plum Story

“Every glass of wine is served just as the winemaker intended.”

Plum for Hotels

Plum aims to deliver a better than expected wine by the glass experience.

A timeless and compact design allows Plum to seamlessly integrate into any room product. Engineered to eliminate room service inefficiencies and the indignities of the mini-bar Plum satisfies operators and guests alike.

Its positive impact on guest experience naturally increases F&B RevPOR while it’s ability to instantly deliver amenities and recover service reduces labor expenses, increasing GOPPAR. And Plum’s cloud-based management system ensures operational efficiency.

Plum is a dynamic amenity that meets the business objectives of hoteliers and the demanding preferences of today’s guests.

Dozens of luxury and upper-upscale hotels have turned to Plum to innovate their F&B, attracting new guests and retaining their most valued ones.

“The manifold benefits of Plum will forever change the way hoteliers think about wine by the glass and how their guests enjoy it.”

Adam Hoydysh, Vice President of Hotel Sales, Plum

Our Customers Success Stories

Plum attract new guests and rewards the most loyal ones

Location : Orlando, FL

Guest Satisfaction

Plum increased F&B revenue per occupied room

Location : Colorado Springs, CO


Plum helps execute Marriott's Bonvoy Benefits cost-effectively

Location : Washington


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