Plum helps Carneros Resort and Spa elevate hospitality and cleanliness standards while increasing F&B revenue and reducing labor expenditures.

The historic Beaux-Arts luxury hotel integrated the Plum amenity into 47 signature suites to discreetly deliver Bonvoy Benefits to its most loyal guests and lower demand on staff.

Industry: Hospitality            Location : California, USA

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The quintessential Napa Valley experience.

Surrounded by rolling vineyards and picturesque countryside, Carneros Resort and Spa offers a private retreat that delivers a relaxed and richly appealing Napa experience. The 100 charming cottages and homes are the epitome of style, luxury, and serenity.

Experience Napa how it was meant to be lived, in style, luxury, and serenity.
"Our new in-room Plum wine dispensers provide the perfect glass of Napa Valley wine within the comfort and convenience of your cottage."

Ed Costa, Managing Director, Carneros Resort and Spa.
Customer Story

Enjoy a Napa Valley experience unlike any other.

Plum for Hotels

Carneros Resort and Spa delivers the Napa Valley lifestyle to its guests, one glass at a time.

To elevate the Napa wine experience, Carneros outfitted every cottage with a Plum wine dispenser so guests can enjoy a perfectly fresh and chilled glass of wine on-demand.

But Plum is much more than a great guest delighter. It’s a profit center, generating strong F&B revenue per occupied room (F&B RevPOR). And it’s the new way – safe and hygienic – to manage amenity programs and service recovery cost-effectively.

Carneros Resort and Spa leverages Plum to enhance the guest experience, maximize revenue, and reduce labor expenses, taking full advantage of Plum’s total benefit.
Carneros Resort and Spa added a Plum every room product in one week. Plug and play integration coupled with an intuitive cloud-based management system minimized set-up requirements and training time.
“Plum is the ultimate guest delighter, and it’s my go-to for amenity and service recovery programs since it’s frictionless and contactless.”

Josh Steinhart, Director of Guest Services, Carneros Resort and Spa
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