Plum helps Garden of the Gods Resort & Club increase food-and-beverage revenue per occupied room (F&B RevPOR).

Every one of the Resort’s 74 guest rooms comes equipped with a Plum, enabling guests to indulge at the touch of a button.

Industry: Hospitality            Location :   Colorado, USA

See how Plum can help you increase your F&B RevPOR.

About the Customer

A luxury resort and private country club featuring extraordinary experiences.

Garden of the Gods is a luxury independent hotel situated high atop a mesa in Colorado Springs. When guests are not soaking up the stunning views of snow-capped Pikes Peak and the natural red rock formations of Garden of the Gods National Landmark they can take advantage of a seemingly endless array of amenities and activities.

Members of Garden’s Club have access to an exciting social calendar in addition to the Resort’s world class amenities and activities.
Garden of the Gods Resort and Club offers amenities and activities as amazing and endless as the landscape, making it an ideal destination for guests who want to spend time with family and friends.
Customer Story

A world-class resort where the cuisine is as exquisite as the setting.

Plum for Hotels

Garden of the Gods Resort offers fine and casual dining options that feature fresh, local ingredients paired with superb wines.

To enhance their in-room dining experience, Garden of the Gods selected Plum. Now, guests can instantly pair a great glass – or bottle – of wine with their dining selection. A fresh and perfectly chilled glass of fine wine is the perfect complement to any meal – or a guest room with a breathtaking view.

Plum helps the Resort elevate the in-room dining experience. And the amenity naturally increases revenue capture without increasing demand on staff. Meanwhile, management can track revenues using Plum’s cloud based management system.

Innovative F&B solutions are a cornerstone of luxury hotels, and Garden of the Gods is leveraging Plum to maximize food and beverage revenue distribution.

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club seamlessly integrated Plum into every guest room so guests can indulge at their convenience in the comfort of their room. Varietals were specifically chosen to complement the in-room dining menu options, significantly increasing F&B RevPOR.

James Gibson, President and CEO
Garden of the Gods

“Plum is the frictionless wine by the glass program that delivers a luxurious experience and revenue, simultaneously.”
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