Plum helps The St. Regis Washington, D.C. execute Marriott’s Bonvoy Benefits cost-effectively.

The historic Beaux-Arts luxury hotel integrated the Plum amenity into 47 signature suites to discreetly deliver Bonvoy Benefits to its most loyal guests and lower demand on staff.

Industry: Hospitality            Location :  Washington D.C., USA

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About the Customer

An historic haven offering bespoke services and amenities.

St. Regis D.C. is a luxury chain hotel situated in the city’s famed downtown district. The hotel has 172 rooms including 47 suites each with its own personality and charm. Guests staying in these unique accommodations have access to the signature St. Regis Butler Service and amenities powered by modern technologies.

For over 100 years St. Regis Butler Service has delivered exceptional personalized service, ensuring guest preferences are known and expertly executed.
Playing host to dignitaries, royalty, and sophisticated travelers, St. Regis D.C. sets the standard for elevated levels of service and refined amenities that recognize and reward guests.
Customer Story

“‘Delivering exceptional service, ensuring customer preferences are known and expertly executed.”

Plum for Hotels

St Regis D.C. recognizes and rewards its most loyal customers with bespoke benefits.

To execute Marriott’s Bonvoy Benefits, St. Regis DC chose Plum. The ultimate wine by the glass amenity has been integrated into all 47 suites.

Plum helps the hotel connect with its customers in a cost-effective manner without compromising its signature service and sense of luxury. Operators can instantly send a perfectly fresh and chilled wine by the glass amenity to a guest using Plum’s cloud-based management system.

Despite its heritage, St. Regis DC embraces modern technology to maintain its flawless service and deliver bespoke amenities, decreasing demand on its staff and achieving expense reduction objectives.

St. Regis D.C. initially integrated 25 Plums into its most prestigious suites. After successfully operationalizing Plum to virtually deliver Bonvoy Benefits the hotel added 22 more Plums to ensure every suite could deliver a Bonvoy Benefit by the glass to a guest.

“40% of Plum wine by the glass pours are Bonvoy Benefits, significantly reducing our operating expenses.”

Winfred van Workum General Manager at The St. Regis Washington, DC
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Plum helps execute Marriott's Bonvoy Benefits cost-effectively

Location : Washington


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